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Family & Relationship Law

Family & Relationship Law

Reardon & Associates Lawyers represent clients in relation to all Family & Relationship Law issues.

We have extensive experience in Family & De Facto Relationship matters and provide our clients with representation in all relevant Courts and when dealing with government departments concerned with Family & De Facto Relationship Law issues including:

  • Conduct of Final & Interim Hearings in the Family and Federal Magistrates concerning all issues such as:
    • Determining where children live and with whom they spend time
    • Property matters
    • Spousal Maintenance claims
    • Appeals against Orders
    • Enforcement of existing Orders
    • Variation of existing Orders
    • Contravention proceedings
    • Relocation Cases
    • Child Abduction Cases
  • Conduct of Trials in the Supreme District and Magistrates Courts regarding de facto property claims where separation occurred before 1 March ,2009
  • Representation of parties to Domestic Violence Proceedings and Appeals
  • Preparation and conduct of Applications for Divorce
  • Determining Paternity of Children
  • Dealing with the Child Support Agency in relation to:
    • Child Support Review Applications
    • Child Support Appeals
    • Applications to Court concerning Child Support

Reardon & Associates Lawyers have extensive experience in representing our clients in mediations and negotiations in relation to all Family & Relationship Law issues whether in an effort to avoid the need to go to Court or once proceedings have commenced.

Should you require representation in a Family or Relationship Law matter please do not hesitate to contact us on (07) 3236 5808 or via email.

We have complied an eBook to assist people separating and undergoing family law disputes in understanding some of the more commonly encountered concepts in family law disputes.  Download it here –  Family Law eBook