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Internet & Social Media Law

Internet & Social Media Law

Since what we now recognize as the World Wide Web sprang into being at CERN in April 1993 society has undergone a seismic change.

We all communicate, play, relate and do business differently because of the world wide web and the technologies it has spawned.

The World Wide Web has developed at such a rapid pace that laws and lawmakers have struggled to keep up with the pace of the changes it has made possible.  As a consequence the internet and social media have commanded the development of a specialised field of legal study all of its own.

Reardon & Associates Lawyers have been advising clients in relation to e-commerce issues, social media and internet related issues since the firm opened for business in 1999.  We have seen the landscape change unrecognizably in that time and have been a part of that process of change.

Whether you need Terms and Conditions for your website or have been defamed on a social media platform we have the experience and knowledge to advise and assist you.

If you are a webmaster, internet content host, blogger or social media user who needs advice or assistance then call us we’re here to help or alternatively you can email us.