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Property Transactions

Property Transactions

Reardon & Associates Lawyers represent their clients in all types of property transactions.

Whether you are buying, selling, developing, re-titling or refinancing property we’re here to help you achieve your desired outcomes quickly and cost-effectively.

We have experience in leasing and the creation, disposal and acquisition of interests in property such as options and easements and act on behalf of landlords and on behalf of tenants (although not in the same transaction of course).

Our conveyancing services are performed by a qualified admitted solicitor and not a conveyancing para-legal as with the bulk conveyancing firms.  You get the knowedge and expertise of a qualified lawyer working on your transaction every step of the way. If you wish us to perform residential conveyancing services on your behalf then please don’t hesitate to ask us and we can discuss your requirements and how we can assist you. 

We also have experience in dealing with local authorities in relation to issues affecting property interests such as re-zonings, resumptions and issues arising under local authority delegated legislation such as notices requiring works to be performed, noxious weeds to be erradicated and so forth.

Our experienced team can also assist you in respect of disputes arising over property including dividing fences issues, boundary disputes, body coroporate disputes, issues arising from conveyancing and property deals which have not proceeded as they should have and development joint ventures.

If you are dealing with property then before you do or sign anything you shlould consider dealing with us. Contact us on (07) 3236 5808 or via email.